Spirited Learning at St. Mary's

St. Mary of the Assumption School is dedicated to the intellectual and Christian development of every student. By fostering an academic environment within a framework of faith, family, and community, the faculty and staff members of St. Mary's strive to touch the mind, heart, and spirit of each child.

St. Mary School exists to develop in the students complete Christian formation, integrating their faith with life itself. The faculty strives to assist the student to become who God wishes him/her to be. It is our aim to teach Christian values, ideals, and purposes so that through these, the students will be able to commit themselves more fully to the service of God through their neighbor.

St. Mary School, in accordance with the philosophy that education exists to empower the individual, strives to create an academic environment based on commitment to faith, family and community.

This commitment centers on an integration of spiritual growth with academic skill development. By teaching the modeling the fundamental truths of the Catholic faith, the faculty hopes to empower students to live their beliefs and create a better world in which to live. By providing students with a broad academic curriculum designed for a changing, technological world, the faculty also hopes to encourage students to become thinkers of logic and vision.

Through this commitment to spiritual truth and academic achievement, the students, parents and faculty of St. Mary School form an alliance dedicating themselves to faith, family and community.